Alan demolishing cart and hedge
Air Head
Andys turn
Bed Push 10th July 2010
Aw, lovely Andy
Its about time you had a wash
Boys only
Angela practicing for next years entry
Ben and Megan flying at Collett Park Day
Must have a big thirst
Bed Push 10th July 2010
Amazing what you Find at Work
Don't worry it all happens again tomorrow
Cleaning Brigade
Does'nt she look good, the tractor I mean
Are they really Fund Raising
Well, he`s not legless, just no body.
Flower Fairies, the one who could`nt get away
Fred wedlock and Clive Rossiter, Collett Park day 1988
Aw Chris, Give us a Kiss
Happy Birthday Ben
Domesticated Gary
Glastonbury Water
Help get me down
Get me out
How many fingers can you see Ray
Hi there
He cant wait can he.
I don't know about John being knackered, I think Steve is.
Oh Jugs, what have you done.
John`s double
Is it cooked yet, or cremated .
It's all too much
Its all too much
How Many snakes?
In a shop window
John must be looking for laurel
Thats a long one
In a shop window
The Irish are back
Jugs nearly took of Scotts head !
Jugsy all wrapped up
What we do for carnival
Looks good enough to eat, dont know what the black bits are.
Looks as though it`s breafast, dinner and tea here.
Mark Collis, Collett park Day 1988
Martin taking another nap.
master builder
Megan young driver 10
Men at work
Mark Collis, Collett park Day 1988
Michael Evis
No, your teeth are not quite so white as your legs
What, Oh no, I don't believe it
Or Gary and Andy`s Breakfast Bar
Probably No angel
Oh for a cab on my tractor, it's raining again
Pete Dredge and Ray Weeks 1989
Pete Dredge at Uphill 1989 13
Pete Dredge and Ray Weeks 1989 West Mendip Way
Ray and ! have found something interesting
Rollin rollin rollin
Disaster for Sam
Ray in a dress for fund raising
Ray in a dress
Phill trying it out for size 14
Scooby can see alright now
Square eyes Angela
Scott ready to kill, if he can walk in that suit.
Scott with the Flower Fairies
Snow Joke doing carnival
Shambles Plate Smash
Sparks Fly
Tracey`s turn, stand back.
Stand back, Fireworks are dangerous
Training the ground crew young these days!
The boys are back in town 27
This is mans work
Too many cooks spoil the broth in the new kitchen
Well do you really think you can hit that
Well I never, he hit the bell
Smile, you are on camera.
This game is boring, put it away now.
Not 21 again Iain
Keep your eyes on the road
Something must be really funny.